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“Character” in children, is something which can be either seen as something which is inherited from the parents nor due to some other circumstances, acquired or imprinted to his/her nature. Mildness– when seen as a character in a child, is also the very same. Children who are gentle, not severe or harsh in nature and expressions fall into such a category. A child can become mild in some other circumstances too i.e. a secondary mildness getting imprinted on his otherwise not that gentle a character. For example, the presence of a dominant sibling or an excessively controlling parent can impart a change. With a Homeopathic interest when observed, such a nature plays an important aspect in selection of a remedy. So “why” the child is mild is the question of interest.

The rubric Mind – Mildness when looked into has many cross references too such as Affectionate, anxiety others, polite too, benevolence, sympathetic, quiet disposition, quarreling aversion to, tranquility, yielding to etc. These aspects too has to be analyzed with due importance to pick up the exact character.

Mild children Remedies

Pulsatilla. Mild, yielding, gentle soft and timid child who always need love and affection.  She craves and is better by a consoling approach because the basic feeling always pondering her is the fear that she will be abandoned or forsaken. The child weeps easily and this weeping itself is sometimes a manipulative attempt to invite the consoling hug of the parents. She cannot stand the mother taking care of her brother or sister and to grab the attention,she might feign an illness. This jealousy is not up to a pathological extent to the sibling as we see in a Calc Sulph, Lachesis, or Hyocyamus . Once they get the caress and care they are happy. Bear in mind the ‘Changeability’ so that the usual mild soft Pulsatilla can go to the other extreme too.

Silicea “Mild but refined”, sensitive, reserved but obstinate children. Silica is the mineral that is needed for strength and support. Mal absorption or mal assimilation happens in silica children so that they lose the mental and physical stamina.So though obstinate they don’t have the stamina to argue or quarrel. These children “give up “easily. That’s why they appear mild and gentle.In infancy the silica children are quiet quarrelsome and aggressive, but as the age advances the absorption of silica becomes more and more deficient, thus losing the grit to be aggressive. They are opinionated children but might yield on pressure.Children who have strong fear of injections. The major difference from Pulsatilla is that they are not dependent. During the illness they won’t demand or crave the presence of someone they are really close to.

Carcinocinum Mild, yielding, sympathetic children who are overly sensitive to criticism, especially REPRIMANDS.They cannot stand the slightest reprimands from the parents. So they please parents to get the much needed appreciation.(Sulph, Palladium) The point in carcinocinum children is that they work hard to get the appreciation , where as in others it’s not the same. Very passionate children who are into all sort of things to PLEASE OTHERS.  Very proper and disciplined for his age. Obedient children who are artistic and they love and are ameliorated by dance and music.They get horribly affected by horrifying things and sad stories. All, because of the increased level of sensitivity. Strong family history of Cancer or deep pathologies is a confirmation for the indication of Carcinocinum.

Natrum Muriaticum Children who are born as natrum mur are well behaved, very responsible ones. Their mildness can be attributed to the emotional vulnerability .Emotionally they are so fragile that they will get hurt easily by the slightest remarks, actions by another person. So in order to avoid getting hurt they start to develop a wall between themselves and the world.This is the reason for the typical introversion in Nat mur. There is a strong fear of rejection. They are very sensitive to disharmony, be it is between parents, siblings or friends at school. Fear of being ridiculed is also very strong so that even when they feel to cry they do it when alone. These children when scolded won’t give an impression that they are actually affected, instead they will try to escape to the privacy of a room and then they cry violent into a pillow or holding tight their mouth with hands just for not letting anyone hear. This is the reason behind the famous modality of Nat mur, Consolation Aggravates.There may be situations where a layer of Nat mur is being added on another remedy. Sepia, lyco or Ignatia or even Tub children(complimentary remedies to Nat Mur) if they are exposed to some stressful atmosphere for long say long continuous fight between the parents they might get into a nat mur state depending upon the familial predisposition of remedies  they have. They might become introverted and move into a bitter state.Remedies like Staph, Ignatia etc. also gets added as a secondary states. A severe grief following the death of someone so close to or even the change of school thereby losing a beloved friend might lead to a layer of Ignatia. Whereas a dominant sibling or a very dominant parent or even a teacher might suppress the emotions of a child to a Staphysagria state.

Aurum Met. Aurum child might appear mild. They are OVERLY SERIOUS CHILDREN who are proper, conscientious and refined.Introverted with a touch of sadness. Very sensitive especially sensitive to criticism. Dutiful, they are perfect in studies, highly ambitious. Parents will never have complaints regarding their academic matters. Industrious children, if something goes against their ambition they might end up in severe depression. To be cautious part here is the parents will never be able to make out the extent of depression their child really is in. Might end up in suicide. One symptom we might get is that these children might groan and moan in their sleep revealing the stress they undergo subconsciously.

Lycopodium Basically COWARD but want to portray an exactly different image. So these children might appear as mild and well behaved for the physician in the first instinct. But the subdued nature will give way to domination in a group inferior to him or once the situation becomes familiar.

Some pointers.
Rhustox- Mild yet restless child
Ars alb- mild children who are fastidious and dependent just because they are insecure and the insecurity is expressed as anxiety especially of health.
Medorrhinum- Extremes seen. Can appear really mild.
Borax- Timid and mild children sensitive who are afraid of a downward motion.
Cocculus- Mild Children who cares about others and are sensitive to rudeness and are affected badly by loss of sleep.
Stramonium- Fearful children with many aggressive and destructive impulses, Stramonium can appear really mild in nature. Violence comes episodically .Majority of times they are calm and composed, which might mislead the physician.
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