Indian Homoeopathic Research Centre (IHRC)

IHRC - is a research wing and subsidiary of Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA). Its objectives are to conduct and promote research in Homoeopathic System of Medicine by formulating parameters of, supporting and conducting active research in homoeopathy. We also aim to fund worthwhile research projects with the help of like minded supporting groups and persons.

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~ Dr Rekha Sreenivasan, Director General - IHRC
Dr. Illaya Raja, Managing Director - IHRC

Dr Rekha Sreenivasan

Director General - IHRC

IHRC Objectives


  • Conduction of research in Homoeopathic System of Medicine.
  • Formulation of parameters for Medical Research in Homoeopathy.
  • Epidemiological survey of different diseases to find out the most suitable medicine (genus epidemicus) for prevention and eradication of these diseases.
  • Collection of statistical data of the incidence and cure rate of specific diseases.
  • Conduction of health awareness programs especially in AIDS, Diarrheal diseases, Viral epidemics, Type I / Class A personality diseases, Malnourishment syndromes, Obesity, Alcohol and drug addiction etc.
  • Conduction of highly standardized Continuing Medical Education (CME) programmes for qualified Homoeopathic doctors.
  • The centre may take any research project related to Medical and Paramedical subject.

IHRC Accredited Clinics / Hospitals

Homoeopathic Institutions are given accreditation by IHRC which pass the criteria and standards required by us. Theses centres can also work as accredited research centres to undertake research and other clinical studies under the supervision of IHRC.

After due inspection by our expert panel, according to the facilities two types of Accreditation are given out by IHRC. Those premises satisfying the full standards of IHRC gets A Grade Accreditation and those satisfying minimum standards is given a B Grade Accreditation. Both the accreditation is valid for a period of three years after which a re-assessment is done. Those premises awarded with IHRC Accreditation can display the Accreditation Certificate in their institutions.

The fee for Accreditation/Re-assessment is Rs.1,000/- (One Thousand Rupees Only).
IHRC Accredited Clinics / Hospitals
Recent Accomplishments

Recent Accomplishments

IHRC played an important role in the control of viral fever epidemics in Kerala in recent years. Timely intervention in the form early case identification, case studies and finding genus epidemcius from IHRC and IHMA had helped to curtail many unnecessary morbidity and mortality.

In other states too IHRC provides timely advice to seasonal diseases and other epidemic outbreaks.

One important project of IHRC was the Retrospective Study on the Efficacy of Preventive Medicines in Chickunguniya (in the Kerala outbreak) conducted in association with the community medicine department of Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram. The results and suggestions were submitted before the Honourable Minister for Health and Family Welfare for Kerala at the venue of 3rd annual conference of IHMA Kerala state.

We have conducted a two day’s research work shop in 2007 that was widely appreciated as the most modern and cost effective event in Homoeopathic Research till now. The fruits of that work shop are already started unfolding.


Forthcoming projects

IHRC is planning a few milestone activities in the field of Homoeopathic Research. Case control studies, Double Blind Clinical Trials, Publication of Homoeopathic Research, Activities aiming at Standardisation of Homoeopathy are a few of them. IHRC is also planning to conduct more workshops and seminars in the coming years.


For any aid in formulating, designing or conducting research activities or genus epidemicus in epidemic out breaks please contact us. Kindly note that for help with genus epidemicus you should send us as many symptoms and signs from the original epidemic as possible. For help with research projects give us an executive summary of your idea with your first mail itself.

Contact for More Details

For More Details Contact,

Director General - IHRC

Dr Rekha Sreenivasan

(+91) 9940 031 162