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IHMA School of Homoeopathy proposes a comprehensive package imparting meticulous personnel training for cultivating the necessary skills which are essential for effective Homoeopathic practice.

This certificate course, Basic training programme in the practice of Homoeopathy incorporated theoretical and clinical training of top most standards at renowned centres in Kerala. This course will boost the morale of each and every participant.

Our aim is the best in class homoeopaths for the future world!
~ Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Director General.
Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Director General - School of Homoeopathy

Dr Rajesh Kumar

Director General


Development of any science is based solely upon its academic growth potential comprising scientific research. Homoeopathy though emerging as the forerunner amongst allied sciences at present, research in Homoeopathy stands relatively dormant over the past two centuries.

Homoeopathy having its roots in Germany flourished in India soon after its introduction. Homoeopathic education however was confined to the certificate courses to propagate Homoeopathy as conceived by the erstwhile practitioners. A systematic curriculum was designed only as late after the constitution of the Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) in 1971. However, Homoeopathic education worldwide is a specialization requiring a basic degree in medicine. The diploma and degree courses were conceptualized to impart adequate knowledge in the field of medicine and Homoeopathy. The first degree college in India was commissioned in the year 1975 at Kozhikode, Kerala with subsequent introduction of P.G. Courses in 1991. Homoeopathic education in India even after three decades of its materialization has failed however to propagate the science.

Homoeopathic Medicines and their action have proved their mettle over the years, despite the stagnation of academics at present. A revival at the academic front is the need of the hour. A rejuvenated curriculum is to be deployed such that students of this true healing art are well equipped in the present era.

The present day ambassadors of Homoeopathic education in India however stand inadequate. These kingpins, capable of upgrading the educational standards unfortunately are least disturbed by the debate of Homoeopathic education. Their vested interests alone are the bane of Homoeopathic Medical Education. The fracas created over the extension of the external PG and the attempts to equalize it with regular M.D. Course stand testimonial to the lack of vision of these self acclaimed stalwarts. Moreover their election manifesto attempting to enable a Homoeopathic graduate to practice Allopathy is unquestionably demeaning to our profession.

The ROTP (Reorientation Training Programme) envisaged by the Department of AYUSH is in total disarray owing to the utopian ideas of the office bearers of CCH. This training programme had been devised to cater knowledge to the teaching fraternity. However, the faculty of this programme was left in the dark without proper direction as regards their deployment. The mode of selection of these faculty and centres is quite hilarious, the faculty themselves unaware of what they have to teach. Such propaganda by the so called elite has led to the deterioration of Homoeopathic education in the country.

The Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Calicut, the first degree college is at the verge of a downfall owing to the vested interests of the present CCH members and their followers. The utter selfishness and ego of the authorities paved the way for this degradation. This fiasco reflects directly upon the helpless student community who suffer this dogmatism. The timely intervention by the state government by issuing orders to place the Principal under suspension has saved the institution for the time being. The present scenario of Homoeopathic students in Kerala is pitiable.

The graduates of Homoeopathy are offered with P.G. Courses in three Homoeopathic subjects and that too in just a single college. There are more than 200 Homoeopaths who graduate every year. Curtailing of the P.G. seats from the expected 42 to 9 is highly deplorable. The curriculum for the graduates is one which leaves the aspiring Homoeopaths dejected as he cannot comprehend even the very principles laid down by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The fresh graduates thereby are unable to successfully practice Homoeopathy.

In these times of dejection and despondency, Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA) alone offers a ray of hope. IHMA has strived to usher in new ideas and programmes to take Homoeopathic education and practice to a higher level such that the fresh graduates are amply equipped to offer their service to the suffering humanity. IHMA stands for the aspiring Homoeopaths. The research wing, Homoeopathic Research Centre (IHRC) was constituted to act as a catalyst in the higher education and research front and it has succeeded to a large extent in its endeavour.

The basic educational curriculum however needs to be revamped. The young Homoeopaths require effective guidance to establish successful practice. IHMA aims to groom the Homoeopaths to be an efficient practitioner of the true healing art.

IHMA has charted out specific training programmes for the fresh Homoeopaths understanding the dilemma faced by those who have graduated from even the best institute of the country. IHMA School of Homoeopathy was conceived to empower and enlighten the young Homoeopathic graduates. IHMA School of Homoeopathy proposes a Basic and Advanced Training Programme in the Practice of Homoeopathy to rejuvenate one and all.


Course Details

Basic Training Programme in the practice of Homoeopathy
Duration 30 Days (Theory 10 days & Practical 30 days)
3 Batches Per Year | Minimum 15 Candidates Per Batch
Registration Fee Rs. 250/- (Two Hundren & Fifty Rupees Only)
Course Fee Rs. 5,000/- (Five Thousand Rupees Only)
Food & Accomodation Not Included


Subjects Covered
  • Organon & Materiamedica
  • Case taking of Repertorisation
  • Practice of Medicine
  • Community Medicine &
  • Gynaecology.
Course Details
I Book

Book Details

I BASIC (Volume 1 & Volume 2)

Study material for PG aspirants and competitive exam candidates(PSC, UPSC etc) in two volumes brought out by School of Homoeopathy, IHMA Kerala state chapter.

Special offer for IHMA Life Members.

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