Why Join IHMA ?

IHMA is the pioneer organisation of elite qualified homoeopaths of India. With it's presence along the length and breadth of the country, IHMA has been relentless in it's efforts to uplift the quality of Indian Homoeopathy and it's practitioners. From the very inception onwards, it strives for the overall development of this Noble healing art and it's followers by conducting regular continued medical education programs for practitioners and awareness classes, medical and preventive camps for the general population at regular intervals. IHMA is the only homopeopathic organisation having chapter in UAE and soon to open it's chapter in Oman.

10 + Reason To Become A Member Of IHMA

Join IHMA - The National Platform Of Indian Homoeopaths

Like IMA ot IDA - We do not have a single mouthpiece representing the qualified homoeopaths of the nation nor does we have common stands or a common voice about multiple issues that keep popping up critical on Homoeopathy or at times misconceptions related to Homoeopathy. At times when the nation desires to hear from an alternative medical system we deliver the same in the form of peaky scattered voices instead of one from a central common source which is well attended to by the print and visual media.

Most of the serious developments at the national level related to Homoeopathy are mostly not the choice of the younger and the middle generation of Homoeopathy who has whole-heartedly, unconditionally committed their career to this therapeutic discipline, but those who spent a successful plight as Homoeopaths through times unlike the rough terrains of today. Our choices, opinions and reasons were not never ever looked into or heard, nor were they ever considered.

The Standardization and a Perfect Streamline and Integration of the multiple approaches prevalent in Homoeopathy across the nations under various schools of Homoeopathy led by powerful teachers of Homoeopathy is a vital priority. Their contradicting and critical teaching does mean mayhem. Intolerance to other schools of Homoeopathy is unfortunate. This indirectly speaks loud about the vacuum on a common platform which could integrate such schools and bring them to absolute use for the generations of Homoeopaths ahead. This platform has to be a homoeopathic association with firm presence across the nation which can be the mother of all and which will contain every qualified Homoeopath in its stream.

The Homoeopathic medical professionals in India, in multiple domains under state and central govt., in academics, Government Health Service and private practice are all poorly integrated though all carry similar basic qualifications. They are unfortunately too well insulated between each other and a poor awareness about how things function within another stream especially when related to research bodies and their activities is widely noticed. In effect each stream turn out an island of activity rarely integrated and less informed about the other.

The effective achievements of Homoeopathic departments related to public service bodies as a part of the Government in some states could not be pushed to be adopted by other states due to the lack of a force of a more national or a central nature which could access health departments of every state and convince them about the effective plight in those states where Homoeopathy is well promoted at the Government sectors, the best example being Kerala where almost every panchayat has a Government homoeopathic dispensary apart from the Government district homoeopathic hospitals, the new NRHM clinics, and the collegiate hospitals under the academic sector under Government and private. Here we are talking about generation of thousands of Government jobs for qualified homoeopaths which gives them the freedom and the recognition from the society apart from the monetary benefits.

An association at the national level, compared to IMA to allopathy could have re-written the fate of every Homoeopath in this nation for sure. This is precisely where the further development & evolution of an existing association in Homoeopathy which now holds a near national status by being present in 13 states get important.

IHMA has an well defined functionality at the Chapter, District, State and National level with working committees at state and national levels. The IHRC, a research body under IHMA takes up the vast challenges in the field of Homoeopathic research and often leads the activities when related to similar epidemic & pandemic outbreaks like that of today. The tri-monthly IHMA Panorama at the national level and the monthly IHMA News at the state level has always been firm and efficient means of communication with its members and a platform for propogating works related to rserach activities, drug studies, clinical discussions & trials and almost anything conected to Homoeopathy in India and abroad.

We therefore requesting you to interact with the homoeopaths around you, to start off with a chapter [after coordinating with the present IHMA leadership] in your hometown and then to integrate at the district, state and national level. Your state might already be having an IHMA chapter and more chapters like yours can then take things to the next level, the state chapter of IHMA.